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Body Energies Founder Heather Ruth

Certified and Licensed to practice Acupuncture in Virginia and Maryland, Heather Ruth received her Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine from the East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, Florida.

In July 2018, Heather became certified as an Institute of Functional Medicine (“IFM”) practitioner. Combining her IFM studies in the areas of Cardiometabolic, Immune, Hormonal, Detox and GI and Energy advance practice modules, with her other advance studies in the workings of the thyroid, brain and functional blood chemistry and neuroendocrine immunology of environmental triggers, gives Heather a well-rounded view of the interaction of the body mind complex, providing her clients with a balanced and focused lifestyle protocol.

A Northern Virginia native, Heather began her training in holistic health care with the practice of Reiki in 1995, receiving her Level III Advanced Practitioner’s certification in 1997. Pursuing her passion, Heather began her training in BodyTalk in 1996 and continues to maintain her certification in both basic and advanced techniques.

Combining these energy bodywork modalities – Acupuncture, Reiki and BodyTalk – with her IFM and other advanced studies in nutrition and structure of the human body, Heather brings to her practice a depth of knowledge and understanding of each individual’s body mind complex from both traditional Eastern and Western allopathic perspectives.

As the health field continues to expand its knowledge base of the body mind’s interdependent working and healing process, Heather feels that focusing on only one aspect of a disease process may not fix and maintain a person’s well being and that the best results can only occur when people dynamically participate in their healing process.

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Before my sessions with Heather I was having anxiety attacks nearly on a daily basis. It got to the point that I did not even look forward to my lunch breaks. I was fearful that the moment I would walk outside my office and try to relax I would experience these attacks again.
My anxiety attacks were gone after just seven body talk sessions with Heather! I greatly enjoyed our meetings, because they gave me an opportunity to clarify my thoughts and better understand my emotions. What was amazing that I could actually feel the energy moving through my body as we worked through the issues. Heather was very knowledgeable, patient, caring and understanding. I felt feeling renewed and refreshed and more centered after each session.

ESMy Anxiety Attacks are Gone!

I originally started going since I was tired of paying for allergy medications that just didn’t make me feel that much better.  In only a matter of a few sessions, there was no need to take daily medication. Heather Ruth is extremely talented and knowledgeable. She takes the time to answer EVERY question I have (in and out of my appointments.) My bodytalk sessions with her have included anything from acupuncture to reiki to essential oils (my favorite).

“The changes I have experienced go far beyond cleared sinuses. I feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. I get sick less. My stress is completely manageable. I am much happier with every aspect of my life. I trust Heather and the results of bodytalk so much that now my boyfriend and my brother are also patients!

RIBodyTalk works!

Any possible doubts that I may have had, before being treated by Heather Ruth, about the
validity of acupuncture have been dispelled. With her application of bodytalk and acupuncture, the ever-present pain in my elbow, sustained in a car crash years ago, has been vanquished! I cannot thank Heather enough.

RSI cannot thank Heather enough

“I have consciously and diligently searched for more than half my life to remember who I really am—I’m now 70.  BodyTalk has been the most complete custom-made and non-invasive transformational modality I have experienced.  I feel more lovable, secure, and balanced than ever before and seldom feel tired even though each day I commute more than 100 miles one way to work.”

AMTransformational modality

“I began receiving treatments for knee and back pain.  At the beginning of treatments, I was taking 4 ibuprofen (200 mg each) a day to reduce the pain and keep functioning.  After 2 months of treatments, I’m off the daily dose of pain reducers and have used them only after severe physical work or knee stress.  My back pain has been greatly reduced since starting the treatments.”

TRMy back pain has been greatly reduced

“I had to have arthroscopic surgery on my right knee to repair a torn meniscus. I was treated by Heather at the sight of the surgery and was able to turn in my crutches without ever having to use them for support. I highly recommend this treatment. She has also treated me just for general health and the end result is the aches and pains I normally have from daily life have virtually disappeared.”

CAI highly recommend this treatment.

“When I discovered BodyTalk my primary focus was on healing from overwhelming stress which was present in my daily life as a combination of an eating disorder and irritable bowel syndrome. The holistic approach Heather used that not only addresses the physical symptoms, but any linked mental causes helped me to find more balance in my life which allowed my body to continue to heal itself with the tools she has given me. The system is amazingly powerful, accurate and gentle when necessary.”

KLPowerful, accurate and gentle when necessary

“Heather began treating my Father and I with Reiki a few years ago. The results I felt were such that I took a class from her Mother for both Reiki I and II. I also personally witnessed how Reiki worked wonders to ease the side effects my Father was experiencing with chemotherapy. She also worked wonders to relive the pain he was suffering as a result of spinal stenosis. Heather is quite accomplished and has a wonderful bedside manner that provides comfort to even the most strident skeptic.”

CAWonderful bedside manner

“After a significant bout with infertility, I had decided to try acupuncture as I had heard wonderful experiences of the ability of it to improve pregnancy success rates with fertility medications. After only three visits to Heather, and along with the careful monitoring of the doctors and medications, I conceived twins!  I owe Heather as much gratitude as the doctors for introducing to me the relaxing and healing powers of acupuncture!”

TKI conceived twins!