Body Energies

Essential Oils

In order to get the most benefit from aromatherapy, it is essential that your choice of essential oils and fragrances be therapeutic grade and processed only from organic plant materials. Essential oils are processed from all parts of organic plant materials – flowers, bark, leaves, and stems, and in some cases even the roots. Natural essential oils fight infection, contain hormone balancing compounds and can rejuvenate and regenerate cells. Synthetic fragrances and oils are monolithic acting on only one aspect of a condition, rather than the whole, nor are they recognized by the body as substances that can be useful, and while they may offer a pleasant fragrance for a short time, no notable therapeutic results have been documented. Organic essential oils utilize all of the plant’s chemical components synergistically, blending with the human body’s natural chemical makeup to provide balance and healing from within while maintaining the body’s homeostatic environment. Double blind randomized studies utilizing essential oils have shown the value of such oils in combination with weight loss programs, providing emotional balance, learning aptitude, immune function, hormone balance, and energy levels. According to Jean Valnet, MD, “essential oils can affect every cell of the body within 20 minutes and are then metabolized like other nutrients.”

Unlike synthetic oils, essential oils are complex compounds having a diverse effect on the body. Depending upon the individual oil and or a blend, they are uniquely antiseptic, antimicrobial, and calming to inflamed tissues.

Essential oils’ effectiveness can be impaired by the use of personal care products such as underarm deodorants, creams and lotions containing synthetic fragrances and other chemicals. The skin is the most permeable membrane of the body and as such is the gateway to health and vitality of the body. Many chemicals are easily absorbed into the body via the skin; for example, 13% of BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) is absorbed into the skin where it can become trapped and eventually find its way into the blood stream causing a disruption in the natural workings of the body.