Body Energies

Applying Oils

  1. ApplyingOilsStart gradually. Use only one or two single oils or a blend to start, applied twice a day.
  2. Mix oils with a carrier medium such as a non-scented massage oil base or organic vegetable oil. Carrier mediums provide an efficient means of applying oils while lubricating the skin and reducing the possibility of skin irritation.
  3. Always apply diluted essential oils to the bottom of the feet first. This gives the body time to get used to the oil’s benefits and minimizes possible reactions.
  4. When mixing oils with a carrier medium, use containers made of glass or earthenware as oils have a tendency to leach out the chemicals in plastic.
  5. Dilution ratios depending upon strength of essential oil: 1-3 drops of oil to a teaspoon of carrier oil, or 15 – 30 drops of oil to one ounce of carrier medium.
  6. To use oils in the bath: add 2 – 3 drops of oil to one cup of Epsom salts or bath gel base and place mixture under running water while tub is filling. Create your own essential oil bath gel by mixing 5 – 15 drops of oil into a _ ounce of unscented natural bath gel base and shower as you would normally.